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Monday, September 20, 2010

Portable Displays Or Permanent Exhibits - Which Is Right For You?

Deciding between portable displays and permanent trade show displays is rarely easy. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, there is no wrong answer: a well-made mobile structure will make a strong impression on your visitors at the event. Nonetheless, it is wise to consider your specific needs and make the best choice possible, and that means educating yourself about the pros and cons of each setup.

Benefits Of Portable Displays For Trade Shows

When you are setting up your booth, a clearly defined and easy to follow set of instructions for assembly can be really helpful. That's exactly what a good mobile structure provides. The pieces of portable displays for trade shows tend to be lighter when compared with other options, meaning that it's easy to work with them. In many cases, companies that use this kind of booth can have their regular staffers do the assembly - no specialized set-up team is required. However, the lack of heavy materials may translate to a lack of stability, or a lack of weight-bearing capability. If you want to stack your products on shelves in your trade show displays, or have heavy TV or computer terminals built into your walls, you might need to look into something sturdier.

One other major advantage of portable exhibits for trade shows is that they are often much less expensive than a permanent build. They don't require the same amount of intense work or heavy material, so the cost is simply lower. In addition, they save money over time. First, many portable exhibits for trade shows have a panel-based content system. Everything printed slips in when the actual booth is assembled, meaning that you can have different printed material used within the same basic booth structure. Your entire company can use the same portable exhibits for trade shows, simply switching out the panels as needed. Even if they won't be shared amongst different parts of your company, you might be able to avoid buying a completely new structure if you ever need to update your content. Furthermore, mobile options tend to pack lighter and ship more inexpensively, saving you money if you're a frequent exhibitor.

Permanent Trade Show Displays

The main advantage of permanent trade show displays is that they can be used to do virtually anything. With the right team, permanent booths can embody your design ideas almost exactly. They can hold as many media devices as you like, offer product shelves, or have custom-brand components built into their structure. They are essentially a blank slate; you may create them as you see fit.

However, because they tend to be customized and heavy, they also tend to be more expensive when compared with a more portable option. Nonetheless, most of the show-stopping trade show displays at conventions are constructed and custom made; if you have the budget or want to make the impression, you may want to consider a permanent option.

Truly Great Portable Displays And Permanent Exhibits Are Key

Whatever option you choose, quality is always paramount. A poorly constructed booth will easily be outshined by an excellent mobile option. Ensure that your booth is branded and increases your presence in the show; if you've accomplished that, you can be sure your booth has achieved its goal.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a leader in innovative trade show displays. From portable displays to custom units, Skyline offers unmatched quality and creativity for your business.

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